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( Jul. 8th, 2009 12:41 pm)
I left my Sims disk at home, so I'm going a little bit by memory here. Please bear with.

So, Viri Ivanov (I think, I know it's a very Russian name), AKA Joey's boss, slept with the up and coming musician, and moved in when it became clear that the younger woman was having a baby, breaking up with his wife and leaving behind his other children. He's quite the guy.

Joey got a few days off from work, which she spent alternately throwing up and practicing her guitar; she's L9 in music now, only one more to max out. Her career (before this pause) is going rather well, and she's made it onto the Rock Star track. I expect she'll max that out before the day is out, assuming she doesn't drop dead from exhaustion.

Why is she exhausted? Because it's hard enough for two parents to take care of one baby. She had twins. Twin girls, named Adora and Belinda. Since I'm using Virtuoso as the Family trait, I kept rolling on each one until one of the traits came up Virtuoso; Adora wound up with Easily Excited as her second, while Belinda is thoroughly Evil. I'm pretty sure, because of this, that Adora is going to wind up being the heir. But there's no rush to choose.

As Joey is far more advanced in her career (and so bringing in more money), Viri has quit his job so that he can take care of the twins full-time. In his (laughingly small) spare time, he's been building up his gardening skill, so that he can tend that when the girls start going to school (in about 5 game days). Joey is working on her painting skill so that she can do portraits. Hopefully she'll be able to do all the necessary portraits before she passes on.

She's shockingly close to that. She started as a young adult, and is now almost finished being an adult. She really should have looked for a mate earlier in life, but she was concentrating so much on her career, and now she's nearly out of time before she becomes an elder. Which means that Adora and Belinda pretty much are the only choices for heirs.

Her lifetime wish is to be a rock star, which I do believe she'll be able to accomplish. Between that, the points she's already received, and the ones she's likely to get beyond that, I think she has an excellent shot at getting the 100K points necessary for the bonus legacy point.

Me? Still enjoying this. The new game smell was starting to wear off on the Sims 3, but having a challenging long-term goal has invigorated me. And it is challenging. I've never really played any iteration of the game without using Rosebud or Motherlode. I'm using cheap equipment and constantly broke. And, to quote a Smart guy, loving it!


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