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( Dec. 23rd, 2009 01:00 pm)
Don't you feel sorry for him? Feel sorry for him. FEEL IT.
I don't post serious stuff here very often. I apologize, and will get back to sheepishly posting memes and metoos someday.

My stepfather, Mike, died on the 1st. It was the type of thing that one would have to suspend disbelief for in fiction; a musician flies halfway around the world on vacation and dies while touring the Sydney Opera House. His heart was strong, yet he had a heart attack, brought on by a blockage in his arteries.

As in life, also in death; it was the most inconvenient time and place possible for him to do something. Over 8,000 miles from home, his wife, my mother, had to deal with not only the stress of losing him, but the stress of losing him while being well away from her friends and family.

Which is where the internet came into play. I will never again say an unkind thing about Microsoft, in particular Windows Live Messenger or whatever it is called this week; she used Mike's laptop (taken under protest because they had fancy binoculars that could store an amazing *20* pictures before they needed to be downloaded to a computer) to stay in contact with people that first day, and once we got her settled with people rather than at a hotel, she used their computer to stay in touch. The family quickly got used to calculating the time difference (add 3 hours and swap AM for PM, so 12 noon in Texas is 3AM in Sydney)so that we could keep schedules straight, and we all kept our messenger windows open so that we could be contacted or contacting at any time of day or night. Mom and I did voice occasionally, but for the most part it was conference mode with her, her sisters, a friend, and myself. From that, we were able to send comfort and love pretty much directly and give her a lifeline.

Which is not to say the next eleven days were easy. That's how long it took before Mom was able to fly back with the remains. Mike was cremated there, which made shipping relatively easy... though I admit it was odd to have him sitting on the desk in the computer room for a day until we gave the remains to one of the church elders.

The memorial service was Friday, and the church was just absolutely packed. It's designed to have 200 people in the pews, give or take, and we had 288 in attendance, which doesn't count a good hundred that would have been there if they could. And then they put his ashes in the columbarium in the little chapel, and now we begin the work of moving on.
Yeah, I know, I haven't been updating. I haven't been playing too much, either. At least, it feels like I haven't. A lot has happened since the last update.

Belinda and Adora managed to both get married to their high school sweethearts the very day of their Young Adult birthdays, and managed to get pregnant that very night. Sadly, they each had a boy. Both grandparents lived long enough to see their first grandchildren born, then Yuri died of old age. Everyone was very sad. Adora was so sad that she was absolutely desperate, and went to the science center to try to restore him to life. It... almost worked, but at least his ghost was a productive member of the family again. The strain was too much for Joey, however, and she died.

The next child born was also a boy, and the strain was starting to show in the family. Belinda and Raheem had a big argument, and by the time the dust was cleared, Raheem and the three boys were kicked out of the house. Which was kind of odd, since two of the boys were actually Adora and Duncans' sons, but who can understand the minds of Sims?

Shortly after that, and very shortly before the twins became Adults, Edna was born to Adora, and the Legacy breathed a sigh of relief. The matriarchy can continue.

Belinda, being an evil genius, is climbing the ladder at the police department, having just switched to the forensic track. At the rate she's going, she should easily make her lifetime wish of Forensic Specialist: Dynamic DNA Profiler. Adora is one Charisma point from Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers (Mastery of charisma and guitar, minds out of gutters, please), and Duncan lacks 6 points on logic for The Tinkerer, so all three are nicely on track to fulfill their lifelong dreams.

Yuri will likely make his as well, the Perfect Gardener, but that won't count for the legacy since he's a ghost. Still, keeping him around will be useful; his painting skill will soon be seven, which means he can keep doing all the portraits from now until gen 10 without me having to stress about keeping someone constantly building up there. He also saved up a bunch of reward points and bought a body shaper for the family to use, which is good because Adora got chunky as she grew up (not that there's anything wrong with chunky, but there are health issues involved and I want to keep her working on her cardio).

Point totals to date:

Generation Points -- 2
Reward Points -- 1 (78K in lot and funds)
Money Points -- 0
Portrait Points -- 5
Total 7
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( Jul. 9th, 2009 03:38 pm)
I finally figured out my issue with uploading pictures, yay! So here's some screenshots.

This is from about a game-week in, when Joey could almost afford four walls. The toilet is in the little almost-finished outhose there. About the only thing still not owned and in use still is the refrigerator, which has been replaced by the most expensive model, which is a money saver since leftovers don't go bad before you get to them! As an aside, does it seem strange to anyone else that it costs the same to make a meal, whether it's for one person or eight?

The house by the time the twins were toddlers. A rather exciting time, if by exciting you mean "raising two girls at the same time thank goodness both parents are available and man am I broke now that it's a one income four person household."

When the twins became kids, there was a little more excitement. Joey learned that he should not use quite so much grease, or at least not let it get in contact with the flame. He also learned that maybe he shouldn't then stand in the fire for several seconds screaming when he could run and scream just as effectively. He also learned how to dial his phone while his pants are on fire.
They bought a fire alarm after this.
Three days after this, when they had enough money again.

Happy Birthday!
The twins become teenagers. Belinda was first, because she's evil, then Adora, who sadly is not as thin as her sister. I should have her start spending her evenings at the gym... but then, why should I? I shouldn't force my sims to do things I'm unwilling to do, right?
The day after this, Ivan became an elder, followed three days later by Joey. Here's hoping they don't die before the twins become young adults... I don't think teens are able to live on their own, which would kill the challenge before generation 3.

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( Jul. 8th, 2009 12:41 pm)
I left my Sims disk at home, so I'm going a little bit by memory here. Please bear with.

So, Viri Ivanov (I think, I know it's a very Russian name), AKA Joey's boss, slept with the up and coming musician, and moved in when it became clear that the younger woman was having a baby, breaking up with his wife and leaving behind his other children. He's quite the guy.

Joey got a few days off from work, which she spent alternately throwing up and practicing her guitar; she's L9 in music now, only one more to max out. Her career (before this pause) is going rather well, and she's made it onto the Rock Star track. I expect she'll max that out before the day is out, assuming she doesn't drop dead from exhaustion.

Why is she exhausted? Because it's hard enough for two parents to take care of one baby. She had twins. Twin girls, named Adora and Belinda. Since I'm using Virtuoso as the Family trait, I kept rolling on each one until one of the traits came up Virtuoso; Adora wound up with Easily Excited as her second, while Belinda is thoroughly Evil. I'm pretty sure, because of this, that Adora is going to wind up being the heir. But there's no rush to choose.

As Joey is far more advanced in her career (and so bringing in more money), Viri has quit his job so that he can take care of the twins full-time. In his (laughingly small) spare time, he's been building up his gardening skill, so that he can tend that when the girls start going to school (in about 5 game days). Joey is working on her painting skill so that she can do portraits. Hopefully she'll be able to do all the necessary portraits before she passes on.

She's shockingly close to that. She started as a young adult, and is now almost finished being an adult. She really should have looked for a mate earlier in life, but she was concentrating so much on her career, and now she's nearly out of time before she becomes an elder. Which means that Adora and Belinda pretty much are the only choices for heirs.

Her lifetime wish is to be a rock star, which I do believe she'll be able to accomplish. Between that, the points she's already received, and the ones she's likely to get beyond that, I think she has an excellent shot at getting the 100K points necessary for the bonus legacy point.

Me? Still enjoying this. The new game smell was starting to wear off on the Sims 3, but having a challenging long-term goal has invigorated me. And it is challenging. I've never really played any iteration of the game without using Rosebud or Motherlode. I'm using cheap equipment and constantly broke. And, to quote a Smart guy, loving it!
I'm trying out the Sims 3 Legacy Challenge (found here). I'll be updating progress on the Legacy clan's attempts to become filthy, stinking rich at the tenth generation. I promise to only update once a day. :)

The family matriarch is Joey Legacy. Since she's the only one I get to choose traits for, I specifically made sure she had "loves the outdoors" since it's going to be awhile before she can afford a roof over her head. :) Her lifetime ambition is to become a rock star. I spent much of her remaining funds (after buying the lot) on a bed and a guitar. I concentrated on getting her guitar up to L5, so that in addition to her job (music, natch) she could busk. She also has a small garden now, and she's taken her first two Lifetime Rewards, Discount Diner (free food!) and Professional Slacker (less stress!).

She's best friends with her boss, and they seem to be flirting a bit... could the second generation be shortly on its way?
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( May. 1st, 2009 12:38 am)
Testing? Is this thing on? *tap tap*

Right. If I've done this right, this will post both at dreamwidth (where I am known as [personal profile] masonk, for a change of pace) and at LJ, meaning I will only need to post here. Yay? Yay!

Edit: Okay, apparently I didn't do it right, because I had it set to send to entirely the wrong thing altogether. Perhaps it is fixed now. Perhaps.
Check here and find out!

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I must admit, according to this test, I am.
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( Apr. 10th, 2003 10:02 am)
If you haven't heard from me for a bit, don't worry, things are probably continuing on an even keel. But! If you want to see an entry anyway, Go here.
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( Apr. 8th, 2003 09:33 am)

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Well, at least the end should be quick....
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( Apr. 2nd, 2003 04:55 pm)
Mechanical Android Skilled in Observation and Nullification

Fear me.
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( Feb. 26th, 2003 04:24 pm)
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( Dec. 29th, 2002 06:26 pm)
Sick today. Spent much of the morning and afternoon with an upset stomach, which finally seems to be settling down. Not a fun way to spend a Sunday.
Yesterday was church, piano recital, dress rehearsal (that I didn't have to attend, but still represented a hole of time), and choir party. Tomorrow is several Christmas Eve services, and likely the unwrapping of presents. The day after is the extended family Christmas, this year being held in New Braunfels. A fun, but exhausting, schedule.

Today was the baking of bread. Nothing very strenuous here. Nice. Needed it.