Passed another milestone at work yesterday. Got my first three call audits in, and they (barely) averaged higher than the 95% mark required for audit quality. Which means I no longer have to send my created cases in to my team leads to look over for me. I'm a real boy now!

I'm really settling in well at the job, I think. The vast majority of calls I get are simple cases where I look up a code, find it needs no pre-authorization, and let the caller know and send them on their way within three minutes or so. A dozen or so calls a day require more effort, filling out a computerized form specifying service date, procedures, attending doctor and facility, and so forth—generally, ten to fifteen minutes or so, maximum. And I get a few calls from ordinary members, mostly ones who dialed the wrong department by mistake and I can send on to the right place.

Even the 11 to 8 shift is turning out not to be as bad as I'd feared, on the whole. The hour lunch does give me time to go farther afield for lunch, run errands, try new places, and so on. And the last couple hours of the shift, when the only places still open and calling in are in the Mountain and Pacific time zones, are quiet enough that I can read a book nearly uninterrupted. I can't read ebooks on the computer the way I could in the old customer service job, alas, but I have plenty of print books on my shelves that I've always meant to get around to but never had found the time for yet. I've worked through several of those so far.

Another really nice thing is that there's a medical clinic for employees and members built right into the office building's front lobby. I checked out a sleep study machine from them a few weeks ago, and had a blood draw there on Monday, and today I go in to find out the results. It's certainly a lot easier going in to see a doctor where I work than it is having to trek afield to some other medical center!

The one thing I need to bear in mind is that I only barely passed those audits. I find myself making the same kind of mistake repeatedly on some of my calls, and I need to evolve coping strategies to make sure I cut that out. I need to make sure I keep my average up; I don't have any excuse not to get 100% every time.


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