I'm trying out the Sims 3 Legacy Challenge (found here). I'll be updating progress on the Legacy clan's attempts to become filthy, stinking rich at the tenth generation. I promise to only update once a day. :)

The family matriarch is Joey Legacy. Since she's the only one I get to choose traits for, I specifically made sure she had "loves the outdoors" since it's going to be awhile before she can afford a roof over her head. :) Her lifetime ambition is to become a rock star. I spent much of her remaining funds (after buying the lot) on a bed and a guitar. I concentrated on getting her guitar up to L5, so that in addition to her job (music, natch) she could busk. She also has a small garden now, and she's taken her first two Lifetime Rewards, Discount Diner (free food!) and Professional Slacker (less stress!).

She's best friends with her boss, and they seem to be flirting a bit... could the second generation be shortly on its way?
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