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( Jul. 9th, 2009 03:38 pm)
I finally figured out my issue with uploading pictures, yay! So here's some screenshots.

This is from about a game-week in, when Joey could almost afford four walls. The toilet is in the little almost-finished outhose there. About the only thing still not owned and in use still is the refrigerator, which has been replaced by the most expensive model, which is a money saver since leftovers don't go bad before you get to them! As an aside, does it seem strange to anyone else that it costs the same to make a meal, whether it's for one person or eight?

The house by the time the twins were toddlers. A rather exciting time, if by exciting you mean "raising two girls at the same time thank goodness both parents are available and man am I broke now that it's a one income four person household."

When the twins became kids, there was a little more excitement. Joey learned that he should not use quite so much grease, or at least not let it get in contact with the flame. He also learned that maybe he shouldn't then stand in the fire for several seconds screaming when he could run and scream just as effectively. He also learned how to dial his phone while his pants are on fire.
They bought a fire alarm after this.
Three days after this, when they had enough money again.

Happy Birthday!
The twins become teenagers. Belinda was first, because she's evil, then Adora, who sadly is not as thin as her sister. I should have her start spending her evenings at the gym... but then, why should I? I shouldn't force my sims to do things I'm unwilling to do, right?
The day after this, Ivan became an elder, followed three days later by Joey. Here's hoping they don't die before the twins become young adults... I don't think teens are able to live on their own, which would kill the challenge before generation 3.



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