Yeah, I know, I haven't been updating. I haven't been playing too much, either. At least, it feels like I haven't. A lot has happened since the last update.

Belinda and Adora managed to both get married to their high school sweethearts the very day of their Young Adult birthdays, and managed to get pregnant that very night. Sadly, they each had a boy. Both grandparents lived long enough to see their first grandchildren born, then Yuri died of old age. Everyone was very sad. Adora was so sad that she was absolutely desperate, and went to the science center to try to restore him to life. It... almost worked, but at least his ghost was a productive member of the family again. The strain was too much for Joey, however, and she died.

The next child born was also a boy, and the strain was starting to show in the family. Belinda and Raheem had a big argument, and by the time the dust was cleared, Raheem and the three boys were kicked out of the house. Which was kind of odd, since two of the boys were actually Adora and Duncans' sons, but who can understand the minds of Sims?

Shortly after that, and very shortly before the twins became Adults, Edna was born to Adora, and the Legacy breathed a sigh of relief. The matriarchy can continue.

Belinda, being an evil genius, is climbing the ladder at the police department, having just switched to the forensic track. At the rate she's going, she should easily make her lifetime wish of Forensic Specialist: Dynamic DNA Profiler. Adora is one Charisma point from Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers (Mastery of charisma and guitar, minds out of gutters, please), and Duncan lacks 6 points on logic for The Tinkerer, so all three are nicely on track to fulfill their lifelong dreams.

Yuri will likely make his as well, the Perfect Gardener, but that won't count for the legacy since he's a ghost. Still, keeping him around will be useful; his painting skill will soon be seven, which means he can keep doing all the portraits from now until gen 10 without me having to stress about keeping someone constantly building up there. He also saved up a bunch of reward points and bought a body shaper for the family to use, which is good because Adora got chunky as she grew up (not that there's anything wrong with chunky, but there are health issues involved and I want to keep her working on her cardio).

Point totals to date:

Generation Points -- 2
Reward Points -- 1 (78K in lot and funds)
Money Points -- 0
Portrait Points -- 5
Total 7
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